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Styra Declarative Authorization Service

Policy as Code Control Plane by Styra

Styra DAS has native support for the validation of Terraform code and plans via a prebuilt ‘system-type’, this is documented here.
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Rego policy for configuration files

Conftest has generic support for Terraform source files defined in HCL. There is an example provided here on GitHub.
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env0 is a Terraform automation platform that allows you to manage your infrastructure as code (IaC) at scale. It has a built-in integration with OPA. See docs here.
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Policy enforcement for Terraform by Scalr

These policies can be run using OPA at the command line against a Terraform plan JSON. See the example in the README.
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Spacelift supports Rego as a language to describe policies for Terraform JSON plans. This blog outlines how the integration works.
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Torque supports Terraform policy enforcement and defines some sample policies here.
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Atmos can validate Terraform stack before applying them. This is done using the validate component command documented here.
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Terraform Cloud


Terraform cloud has native support for enforcing Rego policy on plans. The feature is documented here.
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