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REST API Integrations

Kubernetes Admission Control

Styra, Microsoft and Google

The Kubernetes API server can be configured to use OPA as an admission controller. Creating a ValidatingWebhookConfiguration resource can be used to query OPA for policy decisions.
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Container Network Authorization with Envoy

Official OPA Envoy Integration by Styra

The opa-envoy-plugin project uses the REST API to allow and deny requests routed via an Envoy proxy.

Read about this integration in the OPA Docs.

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Authorization for Spring Security

Styra, build.security, Bisnode and AlertAVert.com

OPA Spring Security uses the REST API to query OPA about authz decisions. See an example application in OPA’s contrib repo.
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Kafka Topic Authorization

TicketMaster and Styra

This project implements a custom Kafka authorizer that uses OPA to make authorization decisions by calling the REST API.

Installation and configuration instructions are available in the project’s README.

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PHP OPA Library


This library provides a PHP wrapper around the OPA REST API. It can update policies and query for decisions. See the project README for various examples.
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Strimzi (Apache Kafka on Kubernetes)


Strimzi can be configured to use OPA via the REST API as the Kafka authorizer using this project.
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Authorization Integration with Apache APISIX

Apache APISIX routes can be configured to call an OPA instance over the REST API. This blog post explains how such a configuration can be achieved.
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AWS CloudFormation Hook


The OPA CloudFormation Hook uses AWS Lambda to consult an OPA instance using the REST API before allowing a CloudFormation stack to be created.

Read the tutorial here in the OPA documentation.

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i2scim.io SCIM Restful User/Group Provisioning API

Independent Identity

i2scim supports externalized access control decisions using OPA’s REST API. The integration is described in the i2scim documentation.
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Kubernetes Authorization


The Kubernetes API server can be configured to use OPA as an authorization webhook. Such an integration can be configured by following the documentation in the contrib repo.
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Open Policy Administration Layer by Permit.io

OPAL uses the OPA REST API to update the policy and data pushed down from the OPAL server. See how this works.
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SPIRE can work in tandem with the Envoy proxy to integrate with the OPA REST API. See the tutorial here.
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walt.id SSI Kit

Self-Sovereign Identity toolkit with OPA policy support by walt.id, Blockchain Lab:UM and Netis

SSI Kit’s CLI exposes policy management commands which update a local OPA instance. The feature is documented in the walt.id docs.
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Boomerang Bosun Policy Gating

IBM and Boomerang

The Boomerang Bosun Service component interacts with an OPA instance over the REST API to evaluate policy during CICD runs.
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Bottle Application Authorization

Dolev Farhi

This sample python application calls has a middleware to call OPA before processing each request. See the example code.
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Kubernetes Admission Control using Vulnerability Scanning

This example project in OPA contrib uses OPA over the REST API to enforce admission policy based on vulnerability scanning results.
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Minio API Authorization

Minio and Styra

Minio implements a native integration with OPA using the REST API. The integration is documented in the Minio docs.
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NodeJS Express (build-security)


This project provides a middleware that can query an OPA server for policy decisions. See the project’s README for a js simple example.
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Do you have an OPA-based project or integration to share? Follow these instructions to get it listed or go to the #ecosystem channel in the OPA Slack if you have any questions.