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Learning Rego


The Linter of Rego Language by Styra

Regal can automatically check for common Rego mistakes as you code. Each violation is accompanied by a detailed explanation which can be a great learning tool for new Rego users. See the Supported Rules.
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OPA Playground

Online Rego Playground by Styra

Sometimes if you’re working on a Rego policy in an integrated system it can help to debug it in isolation first. The playground is a great place to do that. Get started with a hello world example.
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Styra Academy

OPA Learning Portal by Styra

‘OPA Policy Authoring’ is a free course that teaches the fundamentals of writing Rego policies.
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Self-hosted OPA playground by Dolev Farhi

Similar to the public OPA Playground, Alfred can be used to learn Rego interactively in an environment that can’t use the public playground. Read about installation.
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Awesome OPA List


The Awesome OPA project maintains a list of policy packages, and editor integrations which can be helpful references for learning Rego.
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Express OR in Rego

Idiomatic Rego Examples by Styra

This learning material is a great way to learn how to migrate logic from other languages to Rego.
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