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Kubernetes Admission Control

Styra, Microsoft and Google

View a selection of projects and talks about integrating OPA with Kubernetes.
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Styra Declarative Authorization Service

Policy as Code Control Plane by Styra

Styra DAS has native support for mutating and validating Kubernetes at admission time via a prebuilt ‘system-type’, this is documented here.
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Fairwinds Insights Configuration Validation Software


Implements auditing and admission checking of Kubernetes resources using Rego policy using Polaris.
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OPA Gatekeeper

Rego Policy Controller for Kubernetes

OPA Gatekeeper integrates with Kubernetes Admission and also uses Custom Resources and the Kubernetes API server to store policy state.
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Kubernetes Authorization


View an example project showing how it’s possible to integrate OPA with Kubernetes User Authorization.
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Spacelift supports Rego as a language to describe policies for various resource types, including Kubernetes. View the policy documentation for more information.
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Kubernetes Admission Control using Vulnerability Scanning

This example project in OPA contrib uses OPA to enforce admission policy in Kubernetes.
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GKE Policy Automation


The GKE Policy Automation project provides a set of policies for validating Kubernetes clusters running on GKE. Review the policy library here
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Secure Kubernetes using eBPF & Open Policy Agent

KubeShield implements runtime policy for containers in a Kubernetes cluster using eBPF. Follow the tutorial here to get up and running.
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Implements the CIS benchmark using Rego for Kubernetes workloads.
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