Editor and IDE Support

OPA can be integrated into editors and IDEs to provide features like syntax highlighting, query evaluation, policy coverage, and more.


Note: See each integration for what features are supported! Not all support the same features.

Editor Link
Atom https://github.com/open-policy-agent/opa/tree/master/misc/syntax/atom
Emacs https://github.com/psibi/rego-mode
IntelliJ IDEA https://github.com/vgramer/opa-idea-plugin
Sublime Text https://github.com/open-policy-agent/opa/tree/master/misc/syntax/sublime
TextMate https://github.com/open-policy-agent/opa/tree/master/misc/syntax/textmate
Vim https://github.com/tsandall/vim-rego
Visual Studio Code https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=tsandall.opa

Rego Playground

The Rego Playground provides a great editor to get started with OPA and share policies. Try it out at https://play.openpolicyagent.org/