Monitoring and Diagnostics

This document explains how to monitor OPA and use the diagnostics capabilities exposed by the server.


OPA exposes an HTTP endpoint that can be used to collect performance metrics for all API calls. The Prometheus endpoint is enabled by default when you run OPA as a server.

You can enable metric collection from OPA with the following prometheus.yml config:

  scrape_interval: 15s
  - job_name: "opa"
    metrics_path: "/metrics"
    - targets:
      - "localhost:8181"


The OPA server can record diagnostics on policy queries for debugging purposes. The diagnostic configuration is controlled by the data.system.diagnostics.config document (referred to simply as "config" below).

The config below enables diagnostics for all POST requests received by OPA:

package system.diagnostics

config = {"mode": "on"} {
    input.method = "POST"

The table below summarizes the keys that can be specified in the config:

Field Value Behavior
mode "off" No diagnostics are recorded.
mode "on" Enables collection of inexpensive values. This includes the query, input, result, and performance metrics.
mode "all" All diagnostics are collected. This includes a full trace of the query evaluation.

OPA provides input to the config (which itself is a policy) so that diagnostics can be recorded dynamically. The input document contains the following information:

Field Example Description
method "POST" HTTP method from OPA API call.
path "/v1/data/authz/allow" HTTP path from OPA API call.
body {"input": {"user": "bob", "operation": "read", "resource": "bookstore"}} HTTP message body from OPA API call.
params {"partial": [""]} HTTP query parameters from OPA API call.

Diagnostics can be queried at /v1/data/system/diagnostics. The response will contain the following fields:

Field Always Present Description
timestamp Yes Nanoseconds since the Unix Epoch time
query Yes The query, if the request for the record was a query request. Otherwise the data path from the original request.
input No Input provided to the query at evaluation time.
result No Result of evaluating query. See the Data and Query APIs for detailed descriptions of formats.
error No Error encountered while evaluating query.
metrics No Performance Metrics for query.
explanation No Explanation of how result was found.

The server will only store a finite number of diagnostics. If the server's diagnostics storage becomes full, it will delete the oldest diagnostic to make room for the new one. The size of the storage may be configured when the server is started.

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